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We are committed to provide great entertainment and housing for the players. We have properties in 50+ megacities, we have vacation resorts, housing for sale and rent, several malls and shops and plenty of private beaches to enjoy and relax. We have a wonderful selection of properties around the world of Earth2. We are in a very early stage and Earth2 has a very promising future.

I have been using to plan my microcity inside Earth2. And I have been adding Hollow buildings from their designs. ♥ ShadowRacer

Jewels Crafting

Jewels Crafting Simulator

You have accumulated a lot of jewels - what to do now? Simulate how many jewels you can craft with your inventory.

Jewels Cost Simuator

Jewels Cost Simulator - T1 to T3 Jewels

Do you want to know how much each jewels will cost you to make? Before crafting verify if it is worth crafting or just buy the jewel from bazaar.

Jewels Cost Simuator

Jewels Resources Matching

Now that you have properties and jewels - it is about planning for most efficient slotting of jewels. Let's dig and match jewels to resources.

Earth2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

Earth2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

Discover easy to read instructions for crafting all known Jewels from Earth2. You can craft all the Jewels that drops from your land without guessing.

Discover our applications and tools for Earth2 Ecosim player and Investors

We are so proud to be able to support and contribute to's success by developing specific tools to help landowners and players looking for estates to visit and live in the long term. Access all E2Production's website and promote your E2 business on 8 different Earth2 related websites.

Earth2EPLs V1 Live

Do you have a lot of EPLs or bought tons of Earth2® Property Locator - keep track of them and discover new opportunities before anyone else. See what is for sale or know what is taken.

Earth2Rentals WIP

Find vacation rentals, premium apartments, conference booths, cabins, beach houses, unique homes and mansions in - all listed by E2 land owners and reviewed by Earth2Rentals.

E2Tourism WIP

E2 Tourism is a blog website about discovering places in to visit or buy when available. Tour with us the virtual world of 1:1 copy of Earth in a digital way.

Earth2 University WIP

E2 University provides online guides and list of self-paced courses about Earth2 the Geolocational Metaverse. Discover a list of player owned immersive courses on Earth2 when they become available. Learn and teach in Earth2 - the people's Metaverse.

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