Welcome to E2.

Here is my quick pitch and what we have now:

Earth 2 is the Geolocational Metaverse a Massive-Open-Seamless-World where you can purchase land with $USD or Crypto with tiles of 10mx10m anywhere on a 1:1 map of Earth. You can buy tiles up to 750 maximum.

We have 3 phases so far:

Phase 1 - acquiring tile/properties in each country that have its own pricing model. Currently you can purchase tiles from $0.40 to $63 per tile. Usually the E2 marketplace has properties with much better deals. watch for deals on #property-trade-chat

Phase 2 - Ecosim era - where the property acquired will generate Jewels, resources and Essence - we will be getting CyDroids, Civilians and P2P contracts soon.

Phase 2.5 - E2V1 era - where anything happening on the website will be showed in the 3D world.

Phase 3 - E2Vx where we will be able to dive into the 3D world with avatars and AR capabilities.

Here are some more info:

  • We have Tier 1 - Class 1, 2, 3, 4 which have more abilities (rarer to own) and Tier 2 land to be more affordable for purchase with less abilities.
  • Jewels are discovered on your tiles/properties each day and will disappear in 7 days.
  • Jewels can be upgraded and crafted into more Jewel type. We have T1, T2 and T3 jewels with 5 quality types Cracked, Common, Cloudy, Luminous and Brilliant.
  • Holobuilding (HB) - only available on desktop - is where you can make simple buildings for storing resources generated by tiles. You cam also sell them without owning land.
  • E-Ther can be converted into Essence daily and will expire within 48 hours.
  • E-Ther is detected by Mentars (detected during the day slowly) which you can get for free on each of your properties after 14 days of consecutive login. You do not need to purchase them.
  • You can purchase/sell Jewels from the Bazaar. Some Jewels has some interesting attributes for properties and CyDroids - there are 53 recipes to discover.
  • EPL is a type of URL shorter to share your properties directly with others. The value of the EPLs you make is subjective and will cost you E$4.95 or 400 Essence.
  • You will need to be verified to sell a property or access other advanced features.
  • CyDroids cost 2.5 Essence to create and will need 5 Essence to power to Raid other properties on the map for unclaimed E-Ther from other players. You can generate CyDroids from 4-750 tiles properties only. To be released in Q1 2023 or earlier.


Some of the metaverses and projects we follow!

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